Create a Poem & Beautify it with Canva


You know what?! The fact is anyone can write. Yes, it means WE CAN WRITE too.
I’ve been focusing to learn writing since a year ago. My coach in Jenius Writing community says, “If you want to learn writing, the best way is by writing!”

Don’t waste your time by thinking too much before writing. For a beginner like us, just write whatever you want. Start drafting, never mind editing.  Too much editing during drafting can be frustrating for us.

That’s how I learn writing poems. I write whatever words come to my mind. At any time, any place. Sometimes I wrote it on a piece of bills, tissue paper, or on mobile phones. For example, at a time I was so upset because someone put me into trouble. At that time, I just wrote words that I would have said to her if we had met face to face. I just let those words out loud in my poem on a piece of paper.

Next day, I wrote it on ‘words’ at my PC. While typing, I read those words once more. During this phase I did editing, I changed some words, moved the positions of some sentences in my poem.

After we had written the poem in our PC by Words, we can make it even more beautiful by using CANVA. This is how to do it:

  1. This Canva Application can be installed in your mobile phone by Google Play. We can also use Canva online, by clicking this page. We can log in by using our Google+ account or by Facebook account. At this try, I used Canva online and log in through Google+ account.
  2. There are many choices in Canva, look at the ‘Create Design’ part. That time, I chose design ‘Quote Social Grapic.’
  3. Choose the template that we want. Some choices are with ‘free’ labels. Some others are not free, we can buy it online. I picked a free label that time. Well, off course the designs which’re not free have more interesting choices and without watermarks.
  4. Copy your poem in ‘Words’ and arrange it on the template that you’ve chosen. For the backgound, we can upload our own picture from the PC or we can choose a background provided by Canva on the left sidebar. Do some other arrangements and your poem is ready.
  5. Share to social media or download it in our PC. Have a try!
Here are my other creations:

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